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Answering the Call 





















The American Civil War was one of the most critical and formative periods of our nation's history. We all studied it in school. Today, many Americans are still interested in the American Civil War. Some are so fascinated by the events, characters, issues and lifestyles of the time that they desire to experience them and to share that experience with others. Perhaps you feel this way. Have you read the books, watched the movies and bored your family and friends with Civil War discussions? Would you like to meet other people who share your enthusiasm and interest? Would you like to learn more and experience what life was like for the Civil War soldier and live it ?


Perhaps then, it is time for you to "Answer the Call", "To Reenact." This year over 50,000 Americans will "Answer the Call" and reenact the American Civil War.


If you feel "The Call", then The 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Co. G. might be for you.


These are our goals:


  • To educate ourselves so that we are familiar with the events, activities, issues and everyday lifestyle of the Civil War period and with the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry in particular

  • To recreate and experience everyday activities and events of the period.

  • To share our experience and education with each other and the public who come to meet us. 

  • To help our younger members: grow in character, learn to value our heritage, work together and enjoy a common interest in a family-oriented atmosphere.  

  • To "honor" the Men of The 20th Maine who; like hundreds of thousands of other volunteers from all over America, answered our nation's call at its most critical hour over 150 years ago.

Here is what we do:


Over time, members provide all of their own uniforms and equipment at their expense.


We have 5 "Field Events" each year where we gather for encampments and battle reenactments at various sites throughout Northern and Central California with other members of The American Civil War Association and other reenacting organizations. 


We participate in "Garrison Duty" at Ft. Point in San Francisco in January and August. 


We take part in parades, educational presentations and public appearances.


In Early Spring, we meet as a company to roll our ammunition and prepare for the up coming season.  




Individuals and families are welcome to participate as members of the 20th Maine. Our Cadets must be 12 years of age to go on the battle field. Soldiers must be 14 years of age to participate in battle. Our Cadet Corps provides training and service opportunities for those under 14. There are no "manditory" participation requirments. You come when you can and give as much as you can. 


Want to Give It a Try?


We invite interested individuals to become a reenactor for a day. We have a limited number of loaner uniforms available and will try to outfit you as best we can. Orientation and training is required for participation so please contact us ahead of time to make arrangements. One-day donation is $10 to assist with the cost of our operations is encouraged.


For more information contact:


Capt. D. Thomas Starr

Commanding Officer

20th Maine Co. G.






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