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Outfitting the Soldier


In order to produce an authentic impression of the life of the Civil War soldier, all reenactors of the 20th Maine provide their own authentic clothing, equipment, and accouterments. Basic equipment can cost $300-$1000. This is a financial commitment that takes time. While there is some loaner gear available we ask that soldiers have their own basic gear within the first year so that the loaner gear can be made available to new recruits.  We ask that you work closely with the recruiting officer and other reenactors before you purchase anything. 



Basic Clothing


Four Button Sack Coat

Foot Soldier Trousers (sky blue)

Forage Cap

Jeff Davis Brogan Shoes

Wool Socks, two pair,

Period shirt cotton or wool


The weapon 


1861 Springfield or 1858 Enfield Rifled Musket with Bayonet



Equipment for the Campaign


US Canvas double sided Knapsack

Wool Blankets

Rubber or “Gum” Blanket

Rubber Poncho

Tent, “Dog” or “A”


Federal Over Coat (Great Coat)


Personal Period Items


These were some of the personal things that many soldiers carried with them on the march. They bring authenticity and comfort to your impression and to the camp. We invite you to do your own research and use your imagination.


Period Bible

Small Mirror


Pocket Watch

Straight Razor

Playing Cards

Period Pipe


Housewife (sewing kit)

Period Pocket Knife

Wooden Comb

Quill Pen & Ink



Where to Purchase


All uniforms, equipment and accoutrements used in Civil War reenacting should be authentic and of quality. Sutlers followed the army on campaign selling food, dry goods and uniform accutrements. Today’s sutlers provide the reenactor with uniforms, equipment and accoutrements made from the same materials and to the same specifications. Pleasea ask your recruiting officer before you buy anything. We have a simple list of reliable sources. 



Unit dues for the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry are: $30 for an individual or family.


In addition each member of the 20th Maine must also be a member of the ACWA. 


ACWA dues for 2019 are: 


Student w/ ID—$20


Couple (2 people)—$45

Family (Household)—$50


For More Information


Additional information and applications for the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry and the ACWA can be obtained by contacting:



Capt. D. Thomas Starr



Participation and Events


We have 5 Weekend Events with Encampment and Battles. One per month March, April, May, July and October at various sites throughout Northern and Central California. Participation is always optional; there is no penalty for missing events.

Basic Leathers



M1855 Cartridge Box with sling (black)

M1850 Cap Pouch

M1856 Waist Belt with US buckle

Haversack US Regulation Black Canvas

Canteen M1858 (stainless steel reproduction)

Large Tin Cup, Tin Plate, Knife, Fork and Spoon

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